About Us

Our Mission

St. David's Episcopal Church is reaching out to warmly welcome all…

St. David's exists for all who seek a deeper connection with God and with their neighbors. We are a small part of God's kingdom in the world and we celebrate the love, grace, joy, and peace given to us in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. At the core of who we are and who we desire to be is community. We worship together, nurture our children together, we eat together, we celebrate and mourn together and our doors are never closed to anyone.

We seek to provide spaces for community interaction and collaboration. There are few gathering places in our community and we seek help fill that void through Community Cookouts and dinners, a local Farmer's Market, and Community Blessings. 


Our Facility

St. David's building sits at the corner of E. McMurray and Hays roads on just over 5 acres of land. The people of St. David's started worshipping at this location in 1955 after the original church was built. In 1960 the cornerstone was laid for the Education Wing where our Preschool now resides. The Education Wing now connects the old church with the new church building that was constructed in 2001.

In addition to being a worship and gathering place for the congregation of St. David's, there are a number of other community organizations who utilize the building and there are a number of rooms available for rental. For more information on renting space at St. David's click here.


The Church and Narthex

We hold worship services and large community gatherings in the church. The church is also where we meet for our Adult Education series (after church on designated Sundays).

The Narthex is the main lobby just outside the worship space. We hold our weekly coffee hour in the Narthex. The church and narthex are easily accessible through the main doors that are under the canopy.


Parish Hall

The Parish Hall is an all purpose room where we eat, exercise, play, and perform. It is available for rental.