Baptism, Confirmation & Marriage


Please contact The Rev. Kris Opat for assistance and questions about  services at St. David’s Episcopal Church.  

Pastoral Care: 412-780-6212    

Email:  Rev. Kris Opat

Church Office Phone: 724-941-4060




Persons of any age may be baptized at St. David’s. Parents who wish to have their child baptized and adults who wish baptism, are encouraged to submit an application form and then contact The Rev. Kris Opat by email or phone for more information.


Confirmation, Reaffirmation, Reception

Confirmation, reaffirmation, and reception are mature affirmations of our baptismal vows and public declarations of membership to the Episcopal Church. Youth and adults wishing these sacraments are encouraged to contact the Rev. Kris Opat by email or phone for more information.

Holy Matrimony

Christian marriage is a sacrament of the church in which a couple takes life-long vows before God, their families and the Church, seeking God’s grace and blessing to help them fulfill these vows. Couples contemplating marriage at St. David’s should contact the Rev. Kris Opat to arrange a date and allow time for premarital counseling. A minimum 60-day notice is normally required.