Children’s Ministry

Children in Worship

We adore children. About a quarter of our congregation is under 12. While we offer Children’s Church during the service (except for family service weeks), children are always welcome to remain in church.

There is an activity area in the back of the church. If your toddler or young preschooler needs more room to move around, feel free to make use of this space with them. We believe that children learn much through play and that they benefit by being a part of worship while they play.

If you have an infant with you, know that we do not mind a little fussing. Nevertheless, if you feel you need to step out with them, please note that the conference room across the narthex is set up as a cry room and has a knob on the wall that will allow you to listen to the service from there.

Children’s Church

Following our opening prayers and music, children are invited to Children’s Church in our education wing. We offer groups for ages 2-5, and K-5th Grade. Using a special storytelling method known as Godly Play, children gather in our circle, hear the stories of our faith, and are invited to wonder together about the story. The children may then choose from a variety of material

s to work with. The children are invited back to the circle for a prayer and feast after work time. The children then receive a blessing and return to the Big Church just before Communion.

We believe this Montessori-style method gives children the opportunity to experience the stories and then work with materials that will allow them to consider the story and what it may mean to them. For more information on Godly Play, visit

Family Service

On the last Sunday of each month, children of all ages stay in the service to celebrate together. This service is a little shorter, and we invite children to help serve as readers and ushers. Children are invited to the altar for a child-friendly sermon, usually using the Godly Play storytelling method. Children are also invited to the Table as the Priest celebrates Communion.

Children’s Ministry Mini-Golf and Ice Cream Outing