Pastoral Care

Please contact The Rev. Kris Opat for assistance and questions about pastoral services at St. David’s Episcopal Church.  

Pastoral Care: 412-780-6212    

Email: Rev. Kris Opat

Church Office Phone: 724-941-4060


Prayer List

We would be glad to pray for you and your loved ones in your time of need. To have a name added to the weekly prayer list, please email the parish office.

Pastoral Counseling

There are times in all of our lives where it helps to have a safe place to speak in confidence with someone who can be a listening ear and a resource for spiritual support. If you would like to talk with St. David’s Priest-in-charge about such a matter please contact The Rev. Kris Opat.

Hospital Visit/Ministration of the Sick

The Priest-in-charge regularly visits parishioners in the hospital and at home during times of illness to provide support, prayer, and sacraments, if desired. Contact The Rev. Kris Opat.

Funerals and Grief Counseling

St. David’s Priest-in-charge is available to assist the families of our Parish and others in our surrounding community with end-of-life pastoral care, funeral planning, and bereavement counseling. For more information, or to request care please contact The Rev. Kris Opat or the Parish Office.