Play and Learn (PALs)

Through Play and Learn, we provide a Christian educational program and a safe and loving environment for children 1-5 years old.



9-1 Monday

9-3 Tuesday

9-3 Wednesday

9-3 Thursday

9-1 Friday

*Play and Learn follows the St. David’s CELC calendar

Our Day

The children are welcomed each day and invited to join others in free play which allows them to play along side others and learn to interact with their playmates.

Throughout the day children participate in various activities including Bible lesson, story time, games, music, and art, following along with the school’s themes and curriculum. 

They develop gross motor skills on our indoor and outdoor playgrounds, depending on the weather.


$8 per hour for one child
$4 per hour for each additional child
Payment is accepted by the month for regularly occurring reservations, or an account of $30 min. may be kept for occasional visits.
There is a $5 per child cancellation fee for less than 48 hours notice, and a $10 per child fee for no shows.

Our Staff

The room is staffed by an experienced teacher with assistance from a teacher’s aide.

Our staff is screened and at least one staff member in each room is CPR certified.

Other Information


  • Children should bring a labeled cup for snack time.
  • We accept nut-free food donations to our snack closet so the children may all share the same snack.
  • Comfort items may be sent, but toys should stay at home or remain in the back pack.
  • Children should come wearing sun screen and tennis shoes on sunny days.
  • Children who are still in diapers should be sent with diapers, wipes, and a labeled cup.
  • If staying for the afternoon, children should bring a nutritious NUT FREE lunch, and a nap mat for rest time.

Getting Started

To get started in PALs, you may call ahead and plan to visit with your child, or simply reserve your child’s first day.

You should complete the Student Information and Emergency Release form the first day, and the Student Health Assessment within 1 month of enrolling.

Please email at for schedule and availability.

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